• Inventory and Schedule of condition report reviewed and agreed
  • Agree utility readings
  • Legislation compliance checklist
  • On screen signature from tenant
  • Keys agreed and released


Future Heights Inventory offer a Check-in service to hand over the property to the tenants at the beginning of the tenancy. This allows for the Inventory to be reviewed in the presence of the tenant and any area of concern noted.

We will also agree the utility readings, the level of cleanliness assessed in the report, and the number and type of keys for the property.

At the Check-in stage both the tenant and inventory specialist will sign the Check-in report, and then keys released to the tenant.

If the Inventory is conducted on the same day the tenant moves in, a signature is still obtained from the tenant, and they will have up to 7 days to review the Inventory and confirm their acceptance, with agreed changes.

This service also provides a first hand way of advising tenants as to what to expect during the Check-out process to avoid potential cleaning and deposit disputes.